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Our History

The principal of NORTH AMERICAN IRON & METAL, LLC is Richard E. Freeman. Richard is a third generation scrap metal recycler in Michigan. His grandfather, Alex, began in the salvage business as an immigrant from Odessa, Russia in 1910. He peddled in batteries and copper with a horse and carriage.

Our History

Richard’s father Louis followed in his footsteps in 1938 and began with a small truck to collect scrap metal from original equipment manufacturers like stamping companies, machine shops, steel service centers and specialized parts manufacturers. During WWII, Louis had his brother Fred continue his route while he was serving overseas as a member of the U.S. Army.

Upon his return he continued on with his career in the scrap metal industry and established the Freeman Scrap Iron & Metal Company along with Kercheval Auto Parts, an auto wrecking yard near Kercheval and Conner on Detroit’s East Side. He went on to form the Metro-Robbins Corporation, first company in the Midwest to offer roll-off containerization for more efficient transportation and a luxury for industrial plants that had problems disposing of scrap metal. The business grew to become R&F Metals Co., Inc., a processing yard with service to steel mills and foundries.

Richard became involved in the family business at the age of 12, working on his father’s trucks and at the auto wrecking yard. He became involved in the scrap metal processing facility in 1975 and has had a career spanning 40 plus years. His experience in all phases of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal trading is a big plus when dealing with this area of your business. A well earned and respected family name in the scrap metal industry in Michigan, Mr. Freeman brings a wealth of knowledge in scrap metal management to all levels of your company.

With the advent of roll-off containerization, NORTH AMERICAN IRON & METAL, LLC has continued with a current assembly of the most up to date transportation equipment in the industry.

Please click on our SERVICES page for some of the features that you may choose. We can customize our proposal to install equipment in your manufacturing plant to efficiently handle the burden of scrap metal. NORTH AMERICAN IRON & METAL, LLC recognizes the following organizations as the spokespeople for the recycling of metallics all over the world.

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